Then the time came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom... (anais nin)

The Emergence Group is a professional services firm dedicated to leveraging organizational and leadership development learning to accelerate your team's mission effectiveness.


Our Mission

We’re a capacity services firm -- when the leadership capacities in your team surface, sometimes one life at a time, organizational communities are transformed.

Our Vision

High Fidelity Organizations

We start with this belief: leadership is learnable throughout an organizational community. Everyone, regardless whether they are already executives, management, or line staff, has more latent leadership ability within that has yet to be fully tapped for the benefit of the organization. Each day these resources are untapped, the organization fails to deliver peak performance. Regardless of your organization’s type, size or sector – business, school, church or club – you rely on leadership to get your job done. Experience accelerated results as you develop the leaders among you, from the inside out.

Our Results

Improvement on Multiple Bottom Lines

We design our consulting experience to not only pay for itself, but to continue to multiply beyond the engagement. If we can’t help your organization emerge in ways that are measurable to even the casual observer, we won’t take the job! We think you should be able to see the results, not only on your profit and loss statement, but “the other bottom lines” that matter—your enjoyment of work life, team synergy, and smart productivity. Hear from one of our clients. Their financial bottom line tripled during the time our team of consultants worked with their executives and staff.


Leadership Development

We are convinced more and more members in any work force can learn to recognize leadership-needy situations and learn to generate leader-like reflexes in those situations. Our “Leadership Reflex Conditioning” process fosters growth along 16 indicators measured in our “Leadership Reflex Questionnaire” (LRQ). Coaches tailor a learning path specific to unique strength and needs of the leader. When this happens, performance accelerates. Stakeholders – in the community and beyond – reap the profits.

Organizational Development

We leverage our knowledge of human development, leadership, and the organizational process to create the conditions for personal and organizational emergence. Organizational Development interventions might include: program improvement and redesign, administrative fitness and alignment, capacity development and evaluative scorecard development and tracking.

Diagnostic Services

We have developed research-based tools to identify areas of individual and organizational strengths and impairments. Further, we have proven strategies to move from impairment to optimization. Diagnostic services include: operational capacity review, customer service satisfaction, team engagement audit, communication and culture audit, change readiness inventories, organizational fitness assessment and hiring and succession reviews.

Our Clients

“The Emergence Group has been invaluable to the growth of our company. The “organic” approach to planning and strategic development has been the most helpful because what has come out in the end is real and useful every day! They start by developing the most important resource of any organization, its executive leaders. At the same time, they helped our company value the executive leadership qualities of everyone here, not just the business partners. Personally, the way I function, as an executive, is drastically different. I trust my instincts to be on target now!”

Libby Cunningham, Senior Partner, The Inner View, LLPC

Our Consulting Team

Russell W. West, Ph.D. With more than 25 years in military, higher education, non-profit, university teaching and consulting work, West brings keen analytic and executive mentoring skills to the task of organizational change leadership. He is especially skillful in helping groups realize dreams with their existing levels of resource. Executives who work with him comment on the tireless innovation he generates that turns strategic theories into traction, and traction into profit. Friends who know him are often surprised to learn he is a former drill instructor for U.S. Marine officer candidates, at least until they see him coach excellence into existence where very little might have existed before. West will use his knowledge of organizational and leadership fitness to get your team moving beyond status quo, overcoming systemic impairments, and executing toward measurable results. And he’ll do so with humor, passion, and professionalism.

P.J. Marra, M.A. When clients sit with down with Pete, they soon learn they are getting the benefit of “a systems thinker” with uncanny perception about how people, processes, and procedures can be better maximized. They will begin to experience relief almost immediately as he instinctively generates implementable technological process enhancements that will both relieve pressure and create integration in an organization. Pete has more than 12,000 execution-focused consulting hours with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies through PricewaterhouseCoopers, Answerthink, and Iron Pyramid Consulting. In these capacities, he “went to work daily with companies’ employees” to implement project management, strategic alignment, change management, and complex multiple site information technology solutions. Former U.S. Army Officer, he is very familiar with military operations and leadership development. Six Sigma certified, he has managed projects ranging from HIPPA-compliant disaster recovery planning, vendor selection, and process improvement. He is especially proud of his work that has transformed dysfunctional work teams into highly productive strategic partners within organizations.

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Our Process and Fees

Each consulting engagement is tailored to fit the needs of each client. Following a preliminary situational analysis by one of our consultants, we prepare a client relations proposal that includes our description of the presenting situation, proposed intervention process and timeline. Fee scenarios are also provided to maximize your consulting dollar.

Seldom are engagements reduced to a total estimate of hours. Rather, we design to “fix the problem,” and accelerate emergence inside of your organization. Our costing team, to compute utilization rates of our associates, uses the fees below. They are supplied as guidelines

  • Hourly Fees, Single Consultant $160 per Hour, Unless Otherwise Negotiated
  • Blended Rate, Consulting Team $285 per Hour, Unless Otherwise Negotiated
  • Consulting Day $1200 per Day, Unless Otherwise Negotiated
  • Travel Related Costs Add to Fees, Unless Per Diem Negotiated

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